IHEART is a non-profit project that relies on the proactive involvement, goodwill and support of individuals, families, schools, organisations and companies that wish to see a step-change in how young people perceive their well-being and mental health. Here are some ways in which you or your organisation can join our vision to uncover resilience in the next generation.

  • Bring IHEART to your school, organisation, community or programme.
  • Train to become a Certified Facilitator of the IHEART curriculum.
  • Host or participate in a “Building a Resilient Family” Parenting Workshop
  • Become a corporate sponsor of IHEART in a school or community and/or join our “Partners in IHEART” funding programme.
  • Make a donation to help enable the delivery of the project to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and communities.

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To become involved in any of these ways, or with any other ideas you may have, please be in touch with us via or call us on 0208 912 1216

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