Society is facing a growing crisis.

We have forgotten how resilient we are.
So have our children, our schools,
our universities and our workplaces.

We have a solution that is working.

Since January 2018…



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What is IHEART?

IHEART – Innate Health Education and Resilience Training – is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping young people uncover their innate resilience and mental wellbeing.

We go to the source of the misunderstanding that often prevents our children from recognising their in-built wellbeing.

Our results are transformative – and sustainable – offering the missing piece in the mental health and wellbeing puzzle that society wishes to solve.

Our innovative and dynamic preventative educational programme has been tailor-made for working with young people and teachers in schools, youth settings, universities and educational institutions.

Impact & Results

We continue to demonstrate impact through delivery of the IHEART Schools Programme to young people as evidenced by the following recent results.

90 pupils, Year 6:

  • 100% noticed a change in themselves post programme
  • 99% would recommend the programme to a friend
  • 11% to 3% decrease in negative classroom behaviours

192 pupils, Years 6-9:

1 out of 2 are better able to:

  • deal with feeling lonely
  • deal with being bullied
  • deal with problems
  • deal with feeling depressed

Social, Emotional & Mental Health School, Year 10:

  • 55% reduction in fixed term exclusions
  • 59% reduction in days of education lost through exclusion
  • 75% are on track/exceeding expected attainment progress

Hear children speaking about how IHEART has helped them

News & Developments

IHEART comes to New Zealand

IHEART training has never been offered in Asia-Pacific. That’s about to change as the IHEART team prepares to travel to Wellington, New Zealand to run an Academy Level 1 Training Course for 15 facilitators. The Course is being held in Wellington at Te Auaha, NZ Institute of Creativity. Once certified, …

Generous Grant Received for 3 local schools

Mental health is an increasingly well talked about subject. But effective solutions continue to evade many, especially our young people. Thanks to a very generous Jewish Child’s Day grant, a pioneering and highly impactful approach to resilience and mental health education has now been made available to a large cohort …

Ian Russell Official IHEART Ambassador

We are delighted to announce that Ian Russell, Mental Health Campaigner, BBC Film & Television Director and Founder of the Molly Rose Foundation is now an official Ambassador for IHEART. Ian Russell is the father of Molly, a 14-year-old Harrow schoolgirl who took her own life in November 2017. After …

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