Society is facing a growing crisis.

We have forgotten how resilient we are.
So have our children, our schools,
our universities and our workplaces.

We have a solution that is working.

Since January 2018…



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What is IHEART?

IHEART – Innate Health Education and Resilience Training – is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping all people realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess. We go to the source of the misunderstanding that prevents people from recognising their in-built wellbeing. Our results are transformative – and sustainable – offering the missing piece in the mental health and wellbeing puzzle that society wishes to solve.

IHEART offers an interactive and dynamic educational programme that has been tailor-made for working with young people and teachers in schools, universities and educational institutions. 

Impact & Results

The IHEART Schools Programme continues to yield excellent results. We have received consistently outstanding feedback from teachers, school leaders and pupils, exemplified by the response to 67 anonymous surveys from 1 school, which revealed that:

  • 100% noticed a change in themselves at the end of the programme
  • 99% would recommend the programme to a friend

In addition, based on anonymous pre and post programme surveys, 192 children from 4 different schools noted the following improvements in themselves.

1 out of 2 children are better able to:

  • deal with feeling lonely
  • deal with being bullied
  • deal with problems
  • deal with being depressed

Hear children speaking about how IHEART has helped them

Funders & Supporters

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News & Developments

Team IHEART Scotland, the Brave!

Read on for a really interesting Q & A with Sonia Grant, Lead Facilitator in Scotland. Who is team IHEART Scotland? When we first started about a year ago, it was just myself and Marie, shortly followed by Babs and Karen.  There are now 12 of us and we make …

Children & Young People Now Awards

This past Thursday evening, IHEART was privileged to attend the prestigious ‘Children & Young People Now Awards’ at the Hurlingham Club. IHEART’s Resilience Programme for Schools was nominated for an award in the Mental Health and Wellbeing category. These awards have become the gold standard in the UK for anyone and …

IHEART aims to reach 200 children in S.A.

Bev Willcocks trained to become an IHEART facilitator in May last year and is already delivering the IHEART schools programme with great impact in public schools in the challenging environment of deprived areas near Cape Town, South Africa. Bev recently ran two successful groups at Khayamandi High in Stellenbosch with …

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