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iheart for Ages 13-18

for Ages 13-18

About the Programme

What if your teenage students could realise their full potential and reclaim their mental health simply by understanding how their psychological system works?

Most mental health interventions primarily address symptoms, not the root cause. But, in order to solve any recurring problem, we have to address that problem at its source. iheart addresses the root causes of poor mental health, behavioural and emotional issues amongst young people, resulting in resilient students better prepared for life’s challenges.

Our programme designed for 13-18 year olds explores the foundations of the iheart approach, explaining the underlying principles of our psychological system and their most significant implication – that wellbeing is innate. The programme covers topics that affect the student’s daily lives such as: stress, anxiety, future uncertainty, relationships, prejudice, self-image, bullying, anger, addictions and social media.

On completing the 11 classroom sessions, teachers and students have noticed significant improvements in:

pink-droplet    Cooperation and teamwork  
pink-droplet    Conflict resolution skills
pink-droplet    Relationships with peers, teachers and parents
pink-droplet    Ability to manage difficult situations
pink-droplet    Self-esteem and coping skills

iheart believes that for students to realise their full potential, it is essential for them to understand how their psychological system works. This will empower them to navigate through emotions and discover the possibilities that arise when their innate resilience is uncovered.

Curriculum Sessions


Session 1

Welcome to iheart: A new way of understanding your mind

Session 2

We have everything we need inside!

Session 3

Our psychological system is an intelligent system

Session 4

Exploring why we think, feel and behave the way we do!

Session 5

Can we think differently and still get along?

Session 6

I feel stressed and anxious and I can't stop overthinking!

Session 7

Wellbeing is your constant companion!

Session 8

Labels are for jars, not for people!

Session 9

Help I'm being bullied! and Help I can't control my anger!

Session 10

I can't stop using my phone. Am I addicted?

Session 11

Summing up your iheart journey

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I believe every single school should be taking part in iheart. It helps equip young people as well as the staff that are trained to deliver the heart programme

Arron Poole, Head of History, Christ’s College Finchley

 This worked with children I never imagined it would work with… I am staggered by the results our school got from this intervention

Ben Jones, Deputy Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Boys

 It was interesting to see that students have worries that maybe we – the staff – aren’t necessarily aware that they worry about. The value of having opportunities within schools to talk about wellbeing, resilience, worries and feelings and building upon that, is extremely important and very powerful.

Neil McCarthy, Vulnerable Pupil Lead, Ernest Bevin College

The sessions have helped enable the boys to deal more positively with a range of issues such as social pressures, bullying, exam stress and difficult family situations

DL, Headteacher, Secondary School

Langley Park School for Boys

iheart in action

Schools impacted iheart

What if every young person had a resilience instruction manual
that could help them create a better, brighter future?