All About iheart

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What We Do

iheart is a registered charity that supports young people, parents, schools and educators by providing a range of specialised courses and programmes on mental health education, resilience and wellbeing.


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We Believe That

pink-droplet    Every person is born with
innate wellbeing and mental health.

pink-droplet    We already have everything we
need inside (we just don’t
always feel it).

pink-droplet    Resilience can be covered up
but never lost, damaged or broken.

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Our Vision

The future we dream of

A healthy and thriving world
where all young people
learn to uncover their innate
wellbeing and potential
to become resilient,
contributing members of



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Why is iheart so important?

When our youth know that mental health and wellbeing is innate and that they have everything they need inside, this is:

Liberating. Young people are excited to discover that they are whole and well. Nothing is wrong with them.

Hopeful. Young people discover that they have everything they need inside of them. This gives them the confidence to achieve their potential and overcome setbacks.

Empowering. Young people gain the knowledge and skills to navigate their journey through life. No doubt they will make detours, but they can get back on track!

3 figures illustrating mental health

What difference does iheart make?

When young people learn about their innate mental health and wellbeing, they have…


pink-droplet   Optimism & hope

pink-droplet   Ability to manage their feelings

pink-droplet   Acceptance of others & improved relationships

pink-droplet   Motivation to overcome difficulties,
thrive and realise their potential

pink-droplet   Capacity for dealing with adversity & setbacks

And Less

pink-droplet   Anxiety, stress & fear

pink-droplet   Low moods & loneliness

pink-droplet   Reactive behaviour

pink-droplet   Sibling rivalry & parental conflict

pink-droplet   Struggles with friends & social dynamics

The iheart programme gives young people a roadmap, signposts and a compass so that they know which road they are traveling on, and a way to re-route when they find they are off track.

Who wouldn’t want our youth to have such an essential instruction manual for handling life?

What if resilience is something you are born with,
not something you have to find or build?