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Join a fast growing, dynamic team of iheart facilitators – with a shared vision of helping young people uncover their innate resilience and mental wellbeing.

All forthcoming facilitator trainings will be conducted online until further notice. 

We invite you to apply no matter where you are in the world.

***Apply by December 31st 2020***

Facilitator Training Dates

Level 1 - London - Starts Jan

Apply by Dec 31st 2020

Training schedule:
Phase 1: Foundation & Group Webinars – Weekly throughout Jan/Feb
Phase 2: 5-day Curriculum Training – March
Phase 3: 4-day Practicum Training – March/April

Why become a facilitator?

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Level 1: Facilitator Certification

Train to become a facilitator of the iheart Curriculum for Young People

Entry requirements

Having submitted an application, you will be invited to an interview during which you will be required to demonstrate a commitment to:

iheart’s core purpose as a registered charity and working with young people

Delivering the iheart Curriculum in schools and other youth settings

Learning in depth the specific iheart approach

Developing your own self-insight and knowledge

Meeting all the course requirements as outlined below

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the iheart Principles

  • 4 x 1-hour one-to-one sessions introducing the philosophy and foundational principles behind our approach

Module 2: In-depth exploration of the Principles

  • 5 x 90-minute weekly group webinars with supporting course work and self-assessment questions

Module 3: The iheart Curriculum

  • 4 x workshop days – an in-depth exploration of all 14 curriculum sessions plus the fundamentals of classroom management

Module 4: Practicum Delivery

  • 2 x workshop days – hands-on practice in curriculum delivery through teaching to peers and the iheart faculty, followed by debriefing, feedback and assessment (4 weeks after Module 3)

At the conclusion of Module 4, you will receive:

  • The full hard copy curriculum
  • Access to the iheart Online Resource Portal – enabling programme delivery and including all lesson plans, teaching slides, classroom activities, video clips and animation videos

Level 2:
Advanced Facilitator Certification

Classroom Experience
Master delivering the iheart Curriculum in schools by receiving bespoke personal mentoring / coaching
and invaluable hands-on classroom experience*

Entry requirements

Facilitators who have successfully completed Academy Level 1 and post-course self-assessment will be invited to an interview during which you will be required to demonstrate a commitment to further:

  • Developing practical expertise in classroom delivery through in-school experience
  • Receiving individual mentoring / coaching from Academy faculty
  • Deepening knowledge and self-insight of the iheart approach

Course outline

Module 1: Deepening of Understanding

  • 3 x seminar days
  • 3 x one-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Attendance at weekly group supervision sessions with fellow students and Academy faculty

Module 2: Classroom Management Skills – ongoing practice of curriculum delivery

  • 3 x practicum days

Module 3: Delivery Experience – bringing the curriculum to life inside the classroom

  • Classroom observation of a full programme including preparation and debrief
  • Co-delivery of a full programme alongside a senior member of the London team**
  • 3 x one-to-one mentoring sessions for reviewing classroom delivery and feedback
  • Assessment interview at conclusion of programme with senior Academy faculty
*Can be attended either in person or live online
**For those unable to attend London-based classroom sessions, you will instead be required to:
• Observe entire programme delivery by iheart senior team via recorded classroom sessions
• Independently deliver at least 2 full iheart programmes in location where you are based and self-record sessions for review and feedback

Level 3: Train the Trainer Certification

Having mastered curriculum delivery, learn to train teachers and school leaders to deliver the iheart Curriculum through a highly personalised course building your expertise as an iheart trainer

Entry requirements

In order to be considered for this highly advanced course, applicants will have:

  • Fully completed Levels 1 and 2
  • Taught three complete iheart programmes to groups of young people which have been observed / assessed by Academy faculty, either in-person or by video recordings
  • Filled out the assessment form with personal mentor and passed satisfactorily, including a clear awareness of where improvement and further learning is required
  • Demonstrated a high level of understanding of the iheart approach
  • Demonstrated a commitment to ongoing self-learning, indicated through mentor assessment and interview

Course outline

Module 1: Advanced Personal Development

  • 15 x one-to-one mentoring sessions with senior faculty (spread over 6-month period)
  • Sessions will robustly challenge and enrich your self-understanding

Module 2: Advanced Professional Development

  • Recording and submission of your delivery of an entire iheart programme
  • Sessions to be debriefed with personal mentor and to meet satisfactory teaching standards

Module 3: Track Record of Programme Delivery

  • Delivery of 10 full iheart programmes to groups of young people
  • Demonstrate evidence of successful delivery and impact on pupils, including written recommendations / testimonials

Module 4: Train the Trainer Experience

  • 2 x co-deliveries of Level 1 Facilitator / Teacher Training courses alongside iheart senior faculty
  • Pass final faculty assessment and quality assurance to assess readiness

“The iheart programme is one of deep substance with a high quality of presentation that I have not previously seen in the field. The trainers are clearly masters of their craft. Throughout the training, Terry and Zia spoke of “making it our own”. It is inspiration in the moment that often has the most impact, so having a guiding framework that can then be filled with our spirit, is simply a beautiful and effective way to teach.”

Christine Higgins, Founder of Inspired Storm

“I am super impressed by what the creative process has led to in the form of the iheart Curriculum. It provides us facilitators and practitioners with a resource of the highest possible quality for working with young people in educational settings. My favourite aspects are the identification of clear learning objectives, a language designed to engage our youth living in a technologically advanced world, and pointers around the art of sharing this understanding to whole groups of young people for maximum impact.”

Denise Holland
Former Scotland national netball coach and founder of Class Performance – Excellence Within

“Wow! I have just completed a 3 day iheart Facilitator Training at the Innate Health Centre. The programme was professionally presented with detailed teaching aids and thoroughly explained modules. The premises were immaculate and everyone there was helpful and welcoming. It was a pleasure to immerse myself in the company of like-minded people and learn so much from great trainers. This was probably the most thoroughly prepared and presented course I have attended, offering exceptional value and quality.”

Camille Juliff

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