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Accredited Facilitator Training

Help Young People Uncover their Resilience, Train to Become an iheart Facilitator

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Join over 500 iheart Facilitators from around the world

Key Information


Who is the training for?

The Facilitator Training Course is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who is passionate about working with young people and making a difference. Whether you are retired, just starting out, interested in developing new skills or looking for a career change, if you are inspired and motivated to help the next generation uncover their innate resilience, then this course is for you. Book Zoom call.

How is the training delivered and how long is it?

The training is delivered completely online, utilising a digital learning platform and Zoom, so that anyone, anywhere in the world can participate. The training comprises a blended learning approach of large group webinars, smaller tutorial groups, self-directed online learning and practicum teaching sessions.  This 4-module course takes place over a three-month period, comprising of 100+ hours of deep-dive learning. 

What happens after the training?

Upon graduation, you will be awarded your iheart Facilitator Certification, enabling you to teach the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum to young people. You will then be able to earn money by teaching the curriculum to young people.

Qualified facilitators will gain access to the comprehensive iheart Facillitator Portal with all the accompanying resources and support. You will be automatically enrolled in iQual, an ongoing quality assurance and professional development programme. Through iQual, iheart facilitators will continue their learning and further develop their delivery skills via weekly group supervisions, masterclass days, and additional support.

How do I apply?

 Please click here to submit an enquiry form and to book a discovery Zoom call. On the call we will share an outline of the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum and learning resources with you, discuss pricing and the training in detail, and answer any questions you may have. We will also find out more about you, your background and talk about your suitability to become an accredited iheart Facilitator.

The iheart Academy has trained over 500 iheart Resilience Youth Coaches from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Facilitator Training Course is accredited by the matrix Standard, which is the Department for Education’s (DfE) international quality standard and framework for information, guidance and advice.

The training will prepare you to start earning money by delivering the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum for Young People in a variety of settings including 1-1 tutoring, small and large groups, sports clubs & schools.

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‘Becoming an iheart Facilitator can really help uncover mental health and wellbeing in young people, parents and teachers. Get curious.’

– Amanda O’Shea, Spain

Watch Amanda’s full story

‘The iheart mission is so valid – we have so much to share with young people and I know that this can really change lives….’

– Michelle Howie, New Zealand

Watch Michelle’s full story

‘I immediately saw the life changing potential
that this curriculum can have for anyone that comes into it.’

– Richard Berger, USA

Watch Richard’s full story

‘Not only is this an amazing programme for young people, but the training has also been of tremendous help to me personally.’

– Paul Lynch , Finland

iheart Facilitators Delivering the Programme

Young people who have been through the iheart programmes report feeling more confident and better equipped to deal with things like difficult feelings, stressful situations and people they disagree with.

This is backed up by figures that show over 90% of young people noticed a positive change in themselves by the end of the programme.

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Once you have completed the form by clicking the button below, you will be taken to a page to book a 1-to-1 call with a friendly member of the iheart team. On the Zoom call, we will show you the curriculum and learning resources, discuss the training, answer any questions you may have and find out a little more about your background.

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Join over 500 iheart Facilitators from around the world, and be part of a step change in mental health education for young people.

   Frequently Asked Questions


I have other questions; how can I get them answered?

Once you have completed the registration form on this page, the next part of the process is to book a discovery call on Zoom with a member of the iheart team. On the Zoom call, we will share a brief presentation about iheart with you, introduce the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum and explain why our approach to supporting the mental health of young people is so innovative and different. We will also show you the learning resources, discuss the training and course schedule in detail, and find out a little bit more about you and your background to assess your suitability for the course.

Do I have to travel?

The entire Facilitator Training Course is currently delivered online, so no travel is necessary.

What is the time commitment?

The training is delivered over a 4-month period, comprised of 100 hours of learning, which we can talk through on your Zoom call.

What happens once I am a Certified Facilitator?

Once certified, you will be able to deliver the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum to both individuals and groups of young people in a number of environments, including 1-1 settings (online or face-to-face), private home groups, schools, sporting academies and youth clubs. This will be discussed further on your discovery call.

Do you have payment options for the training?

Yes, we have a number of options available and this can be discussed on the discovery call.

How will you assess if I am suitable for the Certified training?

On the 60-minute Zoom call, we will have time to learn more about you, including your background, previous work experience, skills and reasons for wishing to train to become an iheart Facilitator. We will also be able ask you questions and answer yours, thereby establishing your suitability to participate in and complete the training course.

What are the dates for the next Resilience Youth Coach Training Courses?

The next training course starts in September 2023. Book a call with iheart to start your journey to becoming an iheart Facilitator.

What if every young person had a resilience instruction manual
that could help them create a better, brighter future?