Being young has never been more difficult

by Terry Rubenstein

Being young has never been more difficult.

This recent article from young journalist Alex Mistlin really struck me. With disrupted education, rising rents and low wages, I can see why many young people are finding it hard to feel optimistic about the future, and objectively it does look like they have it tougher than generations that have preceded them.

On top of that, The Prince’s Trust Youth Index report that was shared this week found that 48% of young people report experiencing a mental health problem since the pandemic. The report was, understandably, focused on solving the concerns of children by putting them into placement jobs and internships as a way of combatting the growing mental health concerns.

But how do we turn things around? How can we help our young people from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful? We have seen it ourselves through our work at iheart, that when our youth understand that firstly it is human and normal to experience the full spectrum of emotions AND secondly that their wellbeing (their capacity to feel confident, motivated, clear-headed, calm, grateful and optimistic) is innate/ built-in. This is:


Young people are excited to discover that they are whole and well. Nothing is wrong with them. Their wellbeing can be covered for a while but can never be damaged, lost or broken.


Young people discover that they have everything they need inside of them, even during that times they are not feeling experiencing this. This gives them the confidence to achieve their potential and overcome setbacks.


Young people gain the knowledge and skills to help UNCOVER their wellbeing more of the time so that they can navigate their journey through life. No doubt they will make detours, but they can get back on track!

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