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Case study: An inner-city London Primary School

Havelock Primary School is a London inner-city primary school that has a student population of over 97% English as a Second Language.  iheart was brought in to work with their nine and ten-year cohort which was a group of 60 pupils and who had a high percentage of pupils with emotional and behavioural problems. 

After the iheart programme, the students and staff have reported positive changes to their emotional wellbeing, relationships and their overall school experience. Key highlights from Havelock Primary’s iheart experience include:

pink-droplet   99% would recommend the programme to a friend
pink-droplet   98% noticed a positive change in themselves following the programmes
pink-droplet   94% of pupils reported that they were able to work well with their classmates

The transformation for many of the pupils has been so significant that the Headteacher asked iheart to deliver further training to staff to embed this intervention within the school environment.

We interviewed 35 pupils who participated in the iheart programme and they shared some of the positive changes they saw in themselves after taking part, (watch below).

“I am speechless, it’s one thing to have the insight for yourself but another level to be able to share it with kids. Something has shifted on a collective level; we interviewed these children as individuals … but it is having a knock-on effect on the whole year group. It’s so powerful.

Class teacher

“What I loved is when the children spoke about their learning, they referred to the core iheart principles they had discovered. I would never have imagined they would have had such deep, life-changing insights. It is so profound to hear a 9-year-old reflect and say: ‘My life has changed’. There is so much we can learn from them!”

Class teacher

iheart School Programmes

9-12 Programme

Our preventative approach addresses the root causes of mental health, behavioural and emotional issues amongst young people. Helping them to uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing.

13-18 Programme

Our 13-18 programme supports young people in navigating their very real day-to-day challenges; focusing on critical topics such as self-esteem, stress, anxiety, relationships and social media.

Training for Teachers, Leaders and Staff

We support the mental health of school staff and train them
to deliver the iheart programme to their own students.

Learn about our training courses and how they
build a whole-school culture of wellbeing and resilience.