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for you

Your personal pathway to uncovering your innate resilience and potential.

Whether you are new or already familiar with our programmes, we offer you an array of opportunites for deep learning and transformational change from the inside-out. IHEART For You is for anyone interested in realising their innate potential through learning about the fundamental principles that explain how our minds work.


The IHEART Plus membership is a unique pathway to realising your innate resilience and wellbeing. With engaging webinars, short, impactful courses, access to our extensive video library and the support of a personal mentor, you will deepen your learning and understanding of the principles behind the IHEART approach and will see the direct and practical benefits of this approach in your life.

parents & teenagers

Do exams stress you out? Does it feel as if your parents and teachers are on your back? Does life feel tough to handle sometimes?

We will help you discover something new that will make your lives easier. Join us on this interactive 7-week programme to take the struggle out of life for parents and their teenagers. This practical course has successfully been delivered within secondary schools (state and private sectors), and premier league sports academies across the UK.


In this course you will discover a new way of understanding how resilience is a completely natural, innate part of life.  The only barriers to experiencing resilience in all aspects of our lives are the misunderstandings that we have about the way we function psychologically. Seeing the illogic of these misunderstandings effortlessly uncovers more and more resilience, bringing simplicity to the complexity of our daily lives.

next step

This course has been specifically designed for those who have completed either the 5-week Foundation course or who have had an initial learning experience of learning about the principles behind how our minds work. This is the next step on your learning journey.


Beyond is a world-leading programme in the field of mental wellbeing and self-development. This advanced, immersive 10-month personal and professional development journey is for anyone looking for a deeper and sustained understanding of the Three Principles of Innate Health – the foundation of the IHEART approach.

become a facilitator

Our vision cannot be achieved by a small group of people, nor is it the domain of a select few. So we have designed a highly professional and impactful training programme for facilitators who wish to share the IHEART Curriculum in the field of education, youth and community work.

one-to-ones and intensives

Some people like to learn in groups. Some like to learn online. And some like to sit face-to-face with an experienced practitioner to address their own “stuff” in their own time and their own way.

Whatever you are struggling with – relationships, stress, anxiety, burn-out, depression, parenting, bereavement or challenging life situations – our one-to-one sessions and 3 or 4-day intensive experiences provide an excellent opportunity for deep, transformational learning with an emphasis on integrating the IHEART understanding into your everyday life.

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