An impactful mental health programme designed for the classroom

Made for 9-13 year olds, the ignite™ programme is combatting the growing mental health crisis in our youth. Consisting of six 20-minute sessions with accompanying teacher’s guide, resources and interactivity throughout, ignite™ is a comprehensive wellbeing and resilience programme for young people.

The programme covers common concerns including:

  • Stress, including exam stress and how to better understand the feelings associated with stress
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Feelings of anger overwhelm, insecurity and anxiety
  • Attachments and how these can sometimes make us feel like our wellbeing can be damaged

ignite™ is an evidence-based programme that equips students with a psychological instruction manual to help them live life with the resilience to overcome any challenges they may face now and in the future.

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Offered with unlimited teacher’s licenses and unlimited students ignite™ is just £850 for Primary schools and £1,250 for Secondary schools. Meaning access for everyone, under one subscription.

ignite™ is the quickest and easiest way for schools to help students and forms part of our wider product suite which also includes wellbeing programmes for teachers, and parents or a fully facilitated programme.

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Last year we asked ourselves ‘how do we capture the attention of the TikTok generation? So, we created ignite™.

For the past 10 years, iheart has been helping schools to deliver a balanced curriculum that includes preventative wellbeing and resilience education.

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Through the ignite™ programme, students will gain knowledge that will help them with everything in life – the small stuff and the not-so-small stuff!

Students will feel more confident to better navigate everything to do with our minds including our feelings, thoughts and behaviours. After all, knowledge is power.

ignite™ is stimulating, fun, interactive and educationally impactful for students (and teachers!). The programme is simple and easy for the classroom teacher to implement with just a simple ‘click & play’, then let the programme do its magic.

With bite-sized sessions of 20 minutes, ignite™ can easily fit into busy school timetables and is low cost, high volume and high impact.


“I felt that the superhero session was extremely helpful because when I was younger I used to watch a lot of superhero movies, every day I used to wonder, I used to wish that I was a superhero. But after the session, I found out, that not only am I a superhero, but everyone is a superhero in their own way.”

Student age 10 testimony.

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Fantastically simple to access and intentionally short in duration, each 20-minute episode is delivered digitally by the classroom teacher through simply ‘clicking and playing’.

The programme is designed to be flexibly delivered within the classroom: it can be shown over six sessions in whatever learning format the school chooses, for example during tutoring time or homeroom lessons.

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