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The IHEART Academy is an institution of special learning and training created to advance our goal of being a leading provider of resilience and mental health preventative education for young people. The Academy has been set up to create a core of outstanding, highly qualified, capable and confident individuals who will ensure that the IHEART Programme is delivered with maximal impact, effectiveness and success to our target beneficiaries.

The Academy consists of a learning progression of 4 levels, each one representing a different tier of knowledge of the IHEART Framework which builds towards an increasing depth of enquiry, insight and practical skill and experience.

Interested in learning more about the IHEART approach? Click on the levels below to see which is most relevant for you.

LONDON | 3rd – 6th Nov 2019

COSTA BLANCA | 9th – 12th Jan 2020

LONDON | 9th – 12th Feb 2020

NEW ZEALAND | 17th – 21st Feb 2020

LONDON | 17th – 20th May 2020 

Level 1 facilitator training
Location | London
Applications closing date | Nov 2019
3 month training start date | Dec 2019 – Feb 2020
Training schedule and commitment

  • 5 One to One sessions (Dec, dates tbc)
  • 5 weekly webinars (Jan, dates tbc)
  • 4 days in house curriculum training (Feb 9th – 12th)
  • 2 practicum days (Mar 15th – 16th)

Introduction to the IHEART Framework
An essential first stage is to ensure you are fully equipped with a foundational understanding of our work. Depending on your background and prior knowledge of the Inside-out Paradigm, you may need to complete either some or all the following:

  • Online Foundation Course
    Phase 1 & 2 (live online or recorded)
  • 2-day IHEART Kickstart course (in person)
  • 8 x one-to-one sessions
    with a senior IHEART Practitioner (in person or via Skype)

Online monthly membership to IH Plus highly encouraged for all Foundation participants.

Facilitator Certification
After completing this level of training, you will have what you need to deliver the 14-session IHEART curriculum to young people in educational settings, through completing:

6-day training course consisting of:

  • 4 x days of in-depth study of the IHEART curriculum
  • 2 x days of hands-on practice in curriculum delivery
  • 5 x pre-programme webinars

After the training, you must access your Facilitator License to deliver the IHEART programme, which ensures you will have:

    • Access to the IHEART Online Resource Portal (IRP) including all video clips, animation videos, lesson plans and slides
    • Full hard copy curriculum and student handbook
    • Continued Professional Development opportunities in the form of regular webinars, tutorial videos and curriculum updates
    • Support from Head Office including marketing assistance, business cards, access to latest research and programme results and new educational products

Contact us for more information including programme fee

This is for those facilitators who have already been through levels 1 and 2 and are now motivated to deepen their knowledge and receive more hands-on guided support in delivering the IHEART programme. A feature of this level is guided one-to-one mentoring and significant individualised input from a senior IHEART faculty member.

Choose 1 of 2 tracks below:

In-Person Advanced Track

(For those able to attend London training days)
Become a master in hands-on practical delivery of the curriculum, through completing:

      • Observation of 1 full IHEART programme delivery over 10 sessions including planning, preparation, debrief and assessment with delivery team
      • Co-delivery of a full programme with a senior member of the IHEART team
      • 3 x days – Deepening of Understanding
      • 3 x days – Practicum Delivery
      • 2 x one-to-one mentoring sessions on how to bring to the essence behind the curriculum to life, including key points to keep in mind
      • Attendance at weekly group supervision sessions

Virtual Advanced Track

(This is suitable for candidates from outside the UK who are unable to fully participate in our In-Person Advanced Track)
Become a master in hands-on practical delivery of the curriculum, through completing:

Self-Development: Deepening of Understanding

      • One-to-one mentoring sessions with a senior Academy faculty member
      • 3 x Seminar Days for all interns (virtual attendance, assuming in-person is not feasible)

Practical Experience: Delivery of Curriculum

      • Delivery of at least 2 full IHEART programmes
      • 5 x one-to-one mentoring sessions to review classroom delivery
      • Watching recorded classroom sessions of entire programme delivery by IHEART senior team
      • Assessment interview at conclusion of programme with a senior Academy faculty member
      • Virtual attendance at weekly group supervision sessions

Upon completion of either track, each participant will:

        • Become a highly skilled facilitator in delivering the IHEART Curriculum with extensive practical experience supported by hands-on coaching and mentoring
        • Be awarded the IHEART Advanced Facilitator Certificate
        • Become eligible for Academy Level 4 – Training Lead

      (Contingent on interview and selection)

      Contact us to discuss which track is suitable for you and for information on the programme fee

Training of School Teachers Certification

This highly advanced, in-depth programme enables you, upon completion, to train school teachers to deliver the IHEART curriculum. This level is open only for people that have completed levels 2 and 3. Upon completion, you will be engaged as a partner in the growth and development of IHEART wherever you are in the world.

Why become an IHEART facilitator?

Please contact us for more information

“The IHEART programme is one of deep substance with a high quality of presentation that I have not previously seen in the field. The trainers are clearly masters of their craft. Throughout the training, Terry and Zia spoke of “making it our own”. It is inspiration in the moment that often has the most impact, so having a guiding framework that can then be filled with our spirit, is simply a beautiful and effective way to teach.”

Christine Higgins, Founder of Inspired Storm

“I am super impressed by what the creative process has led to in the form of the IHEART Curriculum. It provides us facilitators and practitioners with a resource of the highest possible quality for working with young people in educational settings. My favourite aspects are the identification of clear learning objectives, a language designed to engage our youth living in a technologically advanced world, and pointers around the art of sharing this understanding to whole groups of young people for maximum impact.”

Denise Holland
Former Scotland national netball coach and founder of Class Performance – Excellence Within

“Wow! I have just completed a 3 day IHEART Facilitator Training at the Innate Health Centre. The programme was professionally presented with detailed teaching aids and thoroughly explained modules. The premises were immaculate and everyone there was helpful and welcoming. It was a pleasure to immerse myself in the company of like-minded people and learn so much from great trainers. This was probably the most thoroughly prepared and presented course I have attended, offering exceptional value and quality.”

Camille Juliff

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