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IHEART association

The IHEART Association is a membership community of practitioners who are recognised and promoted by the Innate Health Centre as certified facilitators of the IHEART curriculum.

This professional body provides a platform so that members can be part of a revolution taking place in the field of young people’s mental health and resilience while participating in a constantly expanding peer network of like-minded practitioners and mental health educators. The Association is committed to ensuring that all members take part in the ongoing evaluation and professional research of the Three Principles in the field of education. At the same time, it encourages active participation in ongoing learning and professional development.

Upon completion of the curriculum training and certification as recognised IHEART facilitators, members become part of the IHEART Association, whereby they receive the following benefits:


– Access to the IHEART Online Resource portal (IRP) containing all curriculum resources including: animations, multi-media clips, activities, worksheets and materials. The IRP is continually updated with new resource material and improved based on real-time feedback and programme delivery.

– Each trained facilitator individually listed on www.iheartprinciples.com as a certified facilitator of the IHEART curriculum (name and region/country they operate in).

– Potential for referrals and introductions to schools where geographically and practically feasible.

– Access to and use of all IHEART promotional materials (e.g. curriculum promo video,  marketing literature and video & written testimonials).

– Support from the IHEART leadership team in engaging with schools and other educational institutions to gain buy-in to the curriculum and surface potential work opportunities.

– Access to the entire body of research and evaluation being developed under the guidance of the IHEART Research Committee.

– Monthly webinars with curriculum co-author, Terry Rubenstein, and other educators and practitioners.

– Learn how the curriculum is being applied in multiple settings both in and outside of the classroom (e.g. in youth and community organisations, sporting academies and informal educational environments).

– Ongoing support, guidance and mentoring from the IHEART training team.

monthly plan

£50.00 / Per Month

annual plan

£550.00 / Per Annum

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