iheart launches ignite!

by Brian Rubenstein

Last night iheart held an event in London, our first in over two years, to celebrate the exciting launch of our new digital resilience wellbeing programme – ignite

The success of our in-classroom programmes created an unexpected challenge: how to scale the iheart message so that it could reach more children in hard-to-reach schools with very limited financial resources.

We required a solution that could be deployed easily and cost-effectively within schools that captures and holds the attention of young people and makes a meaningful difference to their lives.

So we created something completely unique … ignite iheart’s digital resilience & wellbeing programme for young people. Six highly-engaging 20-minute episodes are narrated by two youth hosts, creating an innovative, dynamic method for introducing iheart’s mental health education Framework to a large number of students.

The event last night was a celebration of our charity’s achievements in creating this new digital programme. We received wonderful, extremely enthusiastic feedback from many of the attendees covering a range of supporters, donors, school teachers, facilitators and friends. John and Terry (the programme creators) were the clear stars the other night, but in truth, everyone at iheart is a huge star for their tremendous contribution to our work. Thank you and I hope you feel as much excitement and optimism about our future as I do

As I said at the event, I am so proud of what has been collectively achieved. The team has done a spectacular job of capturing our powerful, deep and transformative message in a little bottle of magic called ignite and I – and so many of the attendees from the other night – couldn’t be more impressed!

Well done to all.

Onwards and upwards.