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 Evidence & Impact

& Impact

Based on data collected from anonymous pre- and post-programme participant surveys,
the evidence base for iheart’s impact continues to grow…

Children who noticed a positive
change in themselves at the
end of the programme


Children who would
recommend the
programme to a friend


Emotional resilience
for dealing with



Days of
education lost
through exclusion







Increase - Emotional resilience for dealing with adversity


Decrease - Days of education lost through exclusion


Decrease - Fixed terms exclusions

Research Studies

… iheart is a promising new intervention offering a step-by-step change in mental health education for improving resilience, mental wellbeing and the ability for children to navigate psychological challenges.”

Journal of Public Mental Health

January 2021

In such trying times, by preventing young peoples’ wellbeing from negatively spiralling, and in some cases, returning mental health levels back to pre-pandemic levels … the iheart programme is a huge success given the challenges we are currently facing.”

National Lottery Funded Youthsight Research Report

December 2020

Significant increases in children being better able to deal with:

pink-droplet     Loneliness

pink-droplet     Being bullied

pink-droplet     Feeling depressed

pink-droplet     Remaining calm in stressful situations

pink-droplet     Getting along with people they don’t agree with

Source: Data collected from anonymous pre- and post-programme surveys

School leader and teacher testimonials

Through implementing the iheart programme, we are developing an overarching, sustainable culture of wellbeing and resilience that is crucial for supporting pupils and staff to be the best they can be.”

Julian Appleyard (OBE)

CEO of Pontefract Academies Trust

The children have gone on this journey with iheart and are starting to believe in what they can achieve; they will go on to be better adults making the world a better place in the future.”

Sash Hamidi

Executive Head Teacher & CEO, The Pegasus Partnership Trust

Every single school should be taking part in the iheart programme. It really does help to equip young people, and is silently changing lives day by day.”

Arron Poole

Head of Humanities, Drayton Manor High School

I am staggered by the positive results we got with this intervention.”
Ben Jones

Assistant Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Boys

Hear from young participants themselves
describing the impact of iheart on their lives.

Pre iheart, lockdown was a struggle… but then my mind was opened and I realised how I can deal with personal feelings.”

Katrin, Year 8

After this course no more violence, I see it’s not worth it”

Year 6 Student

National Lottery funded research study of iheart programme impact

What if every young person had a resilience instruction manual
that could help them create a better, brighter future?