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Empowering the psychological strength of youth, schools, parents and communities in wartime

The Jewish people are extraordinarily resilient. For over 2,000 years, ours is a story of enduring resilience. It is in the DNA of our people, our holy land, our State.

So, Israel does not need saving.

But it does need support at this most crucial and challenging time.

In the wake of the horrific atrocities of October 7th and the ensuing war, primary and secondary trauma, and extended experiences of abnormality, displacement and antisemitism, have affected the mental wellbeing of many within the Jewish Community, both in Israel and the Diaspora.

War invariably makes it difficult for people to access the essential support from friends, family and community that they often rely on during challenging times. Research shows that in the aftermath of war, up to 20% of the population will have a need for a longer-term mental health intervention.

The iheart approach, rooted in the belief that ‘we have everything we need inside us’ – not merely to survive life, but to thrive in life – informs people that when they are experiencing emotions such as distress, anxiety, uncertainty and fear, that there is not something inherently wrong with them. Having built a proven track record of impact and success, it is now our wish share our transformative Resilience work with people in Israel at a time when it is most-needed.

The Israel Resilience Project offers a comprehensive, scalable support framework to activate individual and communal resilience, rapidly and sustainably. We are targeting specific segments of the population – particularly youth – who may be ‘falling between the gaps’ in terms of support at such a crucial time. Outcomes we expect to see include people experiencing increased confidence in their own resilience so that they are able to recover quicker from the adversity, conflict and trauma which the war has brought to their lives.

iheart already has the infrastructure and a team of people in Israel ready to deliver our programmes.