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Ian Russell’s moving talk launches IHEART Campaign

A passionately committed group of IHEART friends and supporters attended the intimate #mentalhealthrevolution event held at out North London Centre this past Sunday. As well as hearing from students and teachers championing IHEART’s impactful work, guests were inspired and moved by BBC film producer, mental health activist and guest speaker, Ian Russell, …

National Association of Headteachers Conference

IHEART recently had the privilege to deliver an extremely well-attended workshop at the annual Inspiring Leaders Conference in Birmingham, in association with the NAHT. Over 1200 Headteachers from across the UK gathered to hear an array of keynote speakers addressing topics that spanned innovation, leadership, future trends, technology and, our passion – mental health in young people.

IHEART Programme at Derech Emunah

By Alysson Thomas, School Counselor Resilience. Noun. The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity. Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy. Derech Emunah just entered the third week of teaching a school-wide programme …

Year 8 pupils benefit from Grant Funding

As a result of a generous grant received, we have just started a new programme in Ashcroft High School in Luton to a cohort of 60, Year 8 pupils, many of whom are struggling with a range of emotional, mental health and personal issues.

Are you inspired to run the marathon?

You have until this FRIDAY 3rd May 5pm to enter the ballot and run for IHEART! What are you waiting for? Take on the challenge The 2020 Marathon is on Sunday 26th April… Once you’re entered you’ll have to wait until around mid-October for the results of the ballot.…/h…/ballot-entry/Good luck!!

Re.think your own marathon of life

Please join Terry Rubenstein and Jodie Moss on Tuesday May 7th at the IHEART centre and meet our own mental health champion – Jodie Moss, who has just come 8th female in the toughest footrace on earth – the Marathon Des Sables.

In 2015, Jodie was mentally and physically paralysed by depression, and attempted to take her own life with an overdose. “I didn’t want to die but I didn’t know how to live,” says current PhD researcher Jodie. “I hit rock bottom”

Her road to recovery has been helped through the core understanding IHEART shares- an education of where mental health and resilience are found for all people – no matter what.

IHEART Report | Quarter 1, 2019

Our match-finding campaign will take place on July 7th where we have set ourselves the target of raising £400,000 in 48 hours with our #MentalHealthRevolution. We believe that no child should be left behind when it comes to mental health. And because our programme is working, we know that no child needs to be left behind. So we are getting ready to launch the most important fundraising campaign in our short history which will enable us to further the ground-breaking work and extraordinary results that IHEART has already seen over the past 2 years.

Uncovering Resilience in the Next Generation

A 1-day Conference for educational leaders, teachers, policy makers, social workers and local authority workers in the field of education, youth, community and mental health work. To solve any recurring problem, you need to address it at source. This event is not about becoming more aware of these problems – it is about understanding them at source and finding sustainable solutions. Stress, worry, anxiety, self-image, social media, violence and knife crime are just some of the enormous issues facing our young today.

IHEART in the Ring

On April 13th Richard will be taking part in the HitClub charity boxing match to raise money for IHEART. We are grateful for your support Richard and wish you well in the ring!HitClub is a Social Charitable Movement set up to raise funds for incredible charities. They put the guys through an intense training camp where individuals become a team pushing one another to get in the best possible physical and mental state to compete for the Annual Boxing Event.​

The next IHEART facilitator training course takes place in May/June 2019, London

Are you inspired to help solve the mental health crisis facing our youth?Are you motivated to help turn the whisper of innate resilience into a war cry that all our young people can hear?The upcoming IHEART facilitator training will enable you to develop the confidence and skills to deliver a world class resilience programme, with numerous online and hardcopy resources as well as ongoing webinar support.

Employment is key to addressing knife crime, say three youth organisations

Access to work, and access to community youth services must be provided if we are to tackle youth crime

The Government’s new funding, promised in the Spring Statement, must be aimed at root causes of youth crime. Movement to Work, IHEART & London Youth are calling on employers to provide more opportunities for all young people and for Government to reinvest in the UK’s youth services. Providing a future through positive mentorship, hope and ambition will have the greatest impact

From Depression to the Desert Race – How one girl healed then took the step to instill mental health in others

  Donate   Jodie is running 6 marathons in 6 days for young people’s mental health on April 5th 2019. On 24th December 2015, Jodie woke up not knowing how she was going to manage another day. Mentally and physically paralysed by depression, Jodie attempted to take her own life …

Meet Jeremy

I am talking to a lot of people who are all concerned about their teenage kids. Whether it is knife crime, bullying, social media. We have an educational curriculum that is educating children on these topics. We have a new language in mental health.

Making Kids Superpowerful

Lara Noik and Tova Goldstein are extremely busy professionals, wives, and mothers, but despite all their commitments they are plotting a revolution. “We want to take over the world…starting with Glenhazel,” jokes Goldstein. Both qualified social workers, the two are energised and motivated to do far more than is possible in a day because they have a calling: to address the mental health crisis affecting adolescents.

Hear from Jamie Rogers, Associate Head teacher at Welldon Park Primary, where we just finished sharing the IHEART Schools Programme …

I wanted to take the time to write and express just how fantastic your team have been here at Welldon Park Primary School over the last 10 weeks. I had the pleasure to watch one of the sessions last week and the impact of the work has been incredible. In …

Meet Jo. The lady behind our Children’s Mental Health Campaign.

Meet Jo The lady behind our Childrens Mental Health Campaign. “I’m on a mission! I am a mum and I get it! I get how hard life seems… for both a parent and child… but when you zoom out, and see life for what it actually is. It’s all ok! …

We are impacting. We are making a difference. We are turning the tide.

Day 5 We are impacting We are making a difference We are turning the tide We have a 10 session programme that works In 2 years IHEART have trained 150 facilitators Reached 2000 children Our vision is to help every child understand their own innate health and wellbeing Get involved …

We can’t stop the digital age. But we can make a change.

  Day 4  Instagram helped kill my daughter Fortnite kidnapped my son We can’t stop this digital age But we can make a change Anger Isolation Addiction Depression Only come from ONE place Let’s give our children the POWER

We live in a world of thought

Day 3  We live in a world of thought. Our thoughts create our feeling Our thoughts create our experience Our thoughts create our life We are not victims We are not bound by circumstance We are free Join the Revolution A new language in mental health.

Our children are NOT broken

Day 2   Children are NOT fragile. They are NOT broken. Though they will sometimes feel hurt and sore… Children have resilience We have a perfect psychological system designed for life. We already have everything we need. Its time to re.think mental health

We need to re.think mental health

Day 1 We need to re.think mental health We need to be revolutionary We need to educate We have a vision of HOPE for our children. Instead of focusing on a million dreams… lets focus on one dream, where every single one of our children learn about their inbuilt mental …

IHEART Quarterly Report

It matters to us that we share what is happening in the world of IHEART. So please click below to read the IHEART Quarterly Report detailing our recent developments, progress, impact and learnings across the entire organisation.

Mental health: One in four young women struggling

Imagine if there was a programme that helps children see where their feelings of depression and anxiety are really coming from. Imagine if this pointed them back to their wellbeing and resilience.
Imagine if this programme was available to every child in every school and every student in every university. This is the vision of IHEART. Lets see the step-change in these shocking statistics; so that 1 in 4, becomes 1 in 5, 1 in 6, 1 in ….

From Depression to the Desert Race

On 24th December 2015, Jodie woke up not knowing how she was going to manage another day. Depression is paralysing. Jodie didn’t want to die but she didn’t know how to live.

With support from the Innate Health Centre and therapy, Jodie progressed into one of the strongest warriors we know. In April, she will be running the toughest foot race on earth – a 250km run across the Sahara Desert – The Marathon des Sable.

IHEART Impact Continues to Grow

In the space of ten very short months, the impact and growth of IHEART has been remarkable. 750 young people across a variety of educational settings have participated in the programme while over 100 practitioners and teachers have been trained as certified IHEART facilitators. New areas of delivery continue to emerge: the programme has been successfully run in a premiership football academy, in a London university, as well as in numerous secondary schools across the Greater London area.

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