Subsidised One-to-Ones

This is a difficult time, especially for our children and we are here to help.

iheart is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic by offering subsidised one-to-one online sessions for our youth.

Our experienced iheart facilitators will connect with each child. During their 45-minute live session (via Zoom) we will explore any concerns they are struggling with, such as:

  • Anxiety, stress and uncertainty regarding the future
  • Isolation and feelings of loneliness
  • Low self-esteem, low moods and depression
  • Addictive behaviour, especially online use and gaming
  • Social media
  • Leaving school suddenly and other related issues
  • Relationships, family conflicts and getting along in confinement

Parents/carers are also invited to join these sessions if desired.

As a non-profit, iheart is doing everything we can to share our resilience programmes to support our youth and their families.

These highly subsidised sessions are reduced to £25 per session. We highly recommend that young people sign up to a mini-bundle of 4 sessions for £100. If your child or family require a further subsidy, please email us directly.

Be part of a solution that is working to uncover the innate resilience and wellbeing within us all, regardless of the circumstances.

To register your child for these sessions, please fill out this short form

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