The IHEART Programme for Organisations focuses on the true source of human potential, and carries very significant and practical implications for generating improvement and sustainable change.

Periods of overwhelm, demotivation, poor communication, low morale and lack of clarity are common in individuals and the organisations within which they operate. Most times, these struggles are attributed to external factors such as a heavy workload, a difficult colleague, deadlines and pressures, and a host of other day-to-day challenges. From this perspective, it looks perfectly logical for organisations and individuals to look to fix the issue by changing the outside circumstance.

The IHEART approach is different. We help individuals, leaders, teams and organisations realise the true source of change, thereby unleashing their innate potential to become more effective, Specially adapted for businesses and large organisations, the IHEART programme reveals how all people can perform at their best more of the time.

Our aim is sustainable and impactful results for your people and your organisation, which include:

– Greater realisation of human potential

– Instilling a proactive leadership mind-set across an organisation

– Enhanced ability to listen and communicate effectively

– Better teamwork and collaboration

– Better morale, motivation and willingness to embrace change

– More confidence to overcome individual and collective challenges

– More clarity, creativity and innovation

– Greater focus on solving the challenges of the future, not the problems of the past

Our 2 or 3-day group workshops are adapted according to the specific needs and challenges of the particular organisation we are working with. Our programme follows a proven framework and focuses on the singular, reliable logic of how the human mind works. Knowing this frees us to consider and explore all kinds of creative solutions, changes and new ways of dealing with our challenges.

Contact us for an initial meeting to see how the IHEART programme can help your organisation realise its innate potential and become more effective.

“The initial online Resilience Course run by the IHEART team was so positively received by our Managers that we subsequently asked Brian and Jeremy to run a full day workshop for each of our managements groups in Dublin and Belfast. The entire group found the experience highly engaging, with many expressing how much they got out of the sessions as they deepened their understanding of what constitutes true resilience, wellbeing and realisation of potential in both their professional and personal lives. The feedback has been so positive that we have now asked IHEART to deliver the Resilience Programme to all of our Managers in Ireland and Scotland.”

Harry Corry, HR Director, Harry Corry Limited

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