Growing Confident Kids with With Terry Rubenstein

Starts 5th June


Courses Included


Never has there been a more important time to be clear about the obstacles that prevent our children from experiencing their mental health and Innate resilience.

In light of this, parenting can feel like a rewarding but sometimes challenging and overwhelming experience. Understanding how we work as human beings has huge implications for how we relate to our children and what we have to offer them.

One of the most powerful implications is that we uncover more and more of our own innate resilience, which in turn leads to knowing how to bring up resilient children and therefore become a resilient family unit.

Our upcoming online parenting course focuses on the essential knowledge needed to bring up healthy, motivated and resilient children. We cannot prevent our children from facing the outside world. However, we can learn some powerful truths that account for the difference in showing up in life with resilience and trustworthy common sense as opposed to showing up in life with insecurity and poor judgment.

Our course will explore how we engender warm relationships with our children with a good balance of love and boundaries. This, in turn, creates a fertile space for children to thrive and become their best selves. This is possible without having to ” over parent “but rather to be a participant in your child’s natural emergence into a healthy and common sense adult.

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