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Parents & Teenagers




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– Do exams seem to stress you out?

– Does it feel as if your parents and teachers are on your back?

– Are you trying to avoid having a streak broken on Snapchat?

– Does life feel tough to handle sometimes?

If these questions seem familiar to you (or your child), then come and discover a different way to deal with “life’s stuff”. Join us on this 7-week programme to discover something new that will make life feel easier. You will be introduced to the highly acclaimed IHEART curriculum, a revolutionary series of sessions addressing young people’s wellbeing and mental health. It is for anyone aged 13 – 17 who would like to know more about how to handle the stuff of life. And parents are welcome to join too!

Topics covered will include:

– Making Sense of Stress, Worry and Anxiety

– Self-Image and Identity

– Dissolving the Barriers to Learning and Motivation

– Using Social Media Without It Using You


My daughter and I recently completed the course for parents and teenagers and it has proven to be a real eye opener for us both. Tammy has embraced the concepts she learned with open arms, so much so that we often discuss how it can help us in our day to day life. Tammy recently faced a challenging situation and was able to use all the knowledge she learnt to get herself through this difficult period. Had we not done the course, and had Tammy not been empowered with these insights, I have no doubt that this positive outcome would not have occurred. I thank you again for this superb course and for opening our eyes to a whole new way of thinking.”

Linda, Participant on Parent and Teenager “Resilience Revolution” Course.

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