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Learn how to love better in this pre-recorded 2-part course with Terry and Brian Rubenstein



Romantic revolution – It’s not about loving more but loving better 

Come and explore the game-changing principles that inform us how to love better.

– What makes a healthy relationship?

– Why does it sometimes feel so hard to get on with certain people?

– Is it a compatibility issue?

– Do we need to agree on most things to get on well?

– Can we have conflict and still have a healthy relationship?

Our upcoming 2-part online relationship course will demonstrate how a perfectly peaceful relationship is not a prerequisite for a relationship to be healthy, robust, deeply respectful, and full of love and intimacy.

We focus in on the essential learning that lies at the heart of how it is possible to be an independent human being with frailties and opinions, wants and desires and still thrive in a loving and respectful relationship. The implication of this learning is for couples to engage far more responsively and consciously to each other, while taking accountability for their own part in the dynamic, thus allowing a strong relationship to flourish.

Exciting new couples’ relationship series coming up in the Spring term. An opportunity for you to embark on a shared, learning journey …

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