The Freedom of Thought Recording




Some of the time we live as if our experience has something to do with our thinking. And some of the time we live as if our past, our circumstances, other people and their behaviour have the  power to dictate how we  feel.

Look again and you will see that there is something fundamentally incompatible with these two ways of thinking. The focus of  this 2-day in-depth seminar is to expose this illogic and to help you reset to live more aligned, more of the time, with the intelligent way your experience is actually working.

We really do have the freedom to think anything. Including, how we think our experience works in any moment. But spending a lot of time having thinking based on a false idea of how we work opens up a Pandora’s box of insecurity, blame, judgement and overthinking.

During this seminar, we will immerse in the common-sense logic that accounts for all of our feelings, all of our realities, all of our experiences. We will explain how it works – not what you should do about it because there is nothing whatsoever wrong with how it works – so that you can have insight into it for yourself and integrate this understanding into your life in a practical, effortless way.

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