why teaching our kids where their feelings come from is impacting their mental health with Terry Rubenstein & John Scott


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When human beings overlook the fact that the source of all feeling is the power of thought (and therefore nothing else has the pawer to create a feeling in us), we falsely attribute our feelings to other factors such as the past, the future, people, circumstances etc. This creates a trajectory of insecure thinking and feeling. We feel like victims of life and others’ behavior. Each time we recognise no one can create a feeling or experience in us, it empowers the mind to freely and insightfully give us the thinking we need to deal with our lives no matter what challenges we face. We go from feeling hopeless, stuck and limited to feeling hopeful, empowered and unlimited. As young people learn this one simple truth, they uncover and experience their birthright – Innate Mental Health and Wellbeing. We are all born whole. Our nature is to learn, love, feel gratitude, compassion and hope. Join Terry and John to find out how this truth is helping our youth.

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This event will be taking place at the IHEART Centre, 66 Brent Street, Hendon, London, NW4 2ES

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