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For You: Resilient Living

About the Online Programme

We all face challenges in life. This can manifest in a number of ways including feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, lacking confidence and self-motivation, low self-esteem and many others. Fundamentally we feel like we lack the resilience to live a life that is rewarding, fulfilling and free of struggles.

This is why we have created the Resilient Living Programme. Whatever you are – be it a spouse, parent, leader, employee, carer, or anything else, this programme has been created to help you live a more emotionally healthy life no matter what challenges come your way.

Throughout the programme we will be exploring the iheart Resilience Framework, discovering how we work psychologically, understanding why we don’t always experience our wellbeing, what covers it up and how we can uncover it again. Ultimately, we will learn to see that we truly have everything we need inside of us and realise we have an inner-compass that will help us to navigate life with more ease.

The Resilient Living Programme is being taught by Charlotta Lynch, a leading expert and teacher of iheart to both adults and young people. It consists of twelve 90 -minute sessions delivered live and online and comprises formal teaching, Q&A, discussion, and reflection.


An introductory session to learn about Terry Rubenstein, the founder of iheart, mother of six boys, and the teacher of this course. Terry introduces why she created this course,  what will be covered, and provides some background on iheart and its mission and vision in the world.

She clarifies that this course goes beyond parenting techniques, that work for some and not for others, to offering  an instructions manual as to how we work as humans, and as parents, and how this undertanding can dramatically change the way you view parenting and your children.


Session 1: Welcome to iheart – a new way of understanding wellbeing and resilience

Have you every noticed that when your parenting really resonates with your kids, that they have something landing inside of them – that they have their own insight?

In this session, we explore the concept of wellness by looking at common struggles for parents and myths about where our wellbeing comes from. We learn that wellbeing is innate in all humans and that when you see this, it changes the game of parents when you understand that all of this is truly built into your children. We also explore why how it is that we aren’t always feeling our wellbeing.






Session 2: What happens when we attach our wellbeing?

 In this session, we continue to explore how the mind works. We explore that often we overlook the true source of our wellbeing and attach our wellbeing to something or someone outside of us (our kids behaving, money, our success, our child’s grades, our kids having friends). And that this tendency to attach our wellbeing can leave us feeling contstrictid or limited. If we can’t achieve that, we feel like we can’t be peaceful or happy. Our mind is innocent but powerful – it will work very hard and put a lot of thinking on whatever pursuit we give it, regardless of the true logic of the pursuit.


Session 3: Exploring why we think, feel and behave the way we do

   PRINT: Session 3 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 3: Getting to know your psychological system

   WATCH: Alarm bells go off for Tess: Letting go of her attachment allowed her daughter to learn from her own innate wisdom

   WATCH: Vanessa describes struggling with her child who has severe allergies

   READ: Helen reflects on her attachment to her son’s mental health/ wellbeing

Session 4: Navigating the minefield of relationships

   PRINT: How do you feel when you are not in your wellbeing

   PRINT: Session 4 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 4: Getting to know your psychological GPS

   WATCH: Gracie (age 19 ) powerfully described how the iheart learning helped her with chronic stress and anxiety

   WATCH: Stacey questions whether her daughter’s exams really steal her peace of mind?

Session 5: Cracking the code of stress, overwhelm and burnout

   PRINT: Above and below the iceberg

   PRINT: Session 5 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 5: Help I feel insecure, anxious, worried and full of guilt!

   READ: Patricia offers a powerful sharing of how a long standing attachment to fear of cancer/ death began to fall away

   WATCH: Vanessa describes her revelation of discovering that she could experience ‘a perfect day’ of parenting even when her children were far from perfect.

   Challenging (poking holes) in your outsources/ attachments – Terry introduces some great questions to help facilitate insight when an outsource/ attachment feels very embedded, engrained and hard to shift

   Insight Questions

Session 6: Resolving hurt, anger and conflict

   PRINT: Do we all see the same reality?

   PRINT: Session 6 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 6: Navigating conflict in the home

   WATCH: Sonia explores whether a mother and daughter can disagree and still be friends?

   WATCH: Babs describes dealing with difficult behaviour and head strong children

Session 7: The confidence to deal with negative feelings

   PRINT: Session 7 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 7: My child is being bullied/my child is bullying other children

   WATCH: Alfie on Anger

   WATCH: Vanessa describes a moment of sibling rivalry that led to despair, but finally ended up with a powerful insight

Session 8: How labels limit self-confidence and damage rapport

   PRINT: Session 8 Notes Page

   WATCH: Session 8: Labels are for jars–uncovering innate confidence

   READ: Nora describes a powerful insight she had around her children creating mess in the house

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This has been a massive journey for me, and I truly see what I am capable of. Charlotta, I have valued your teaching style and it has been lifechanging for me. I have valued your honesty.

Lucy Brice

It was interesting to put the learning into action, and see when things were going off-track, and seeing the tools to be able to deal with it. It was a really insightful thing to see that things wont always be rosy, but that we have the tools to navigate through.

Andy Taylor

I enjoyed the group so much, zoom was nothing for you guys – I feel like we were sitting in the same room.   

Mandy Katz

All of those bits of learning, of information I was seeing, this course has brought it down, given it a foundation. There’s practical elements to it, it makes absolute sense, I really saw how much I carried with me, and I realised I did not want to take that with me into the future

Kelly Aitken