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Resilient Organisations

iheart’s personal & professional development
offering for business and work


iheart’s personal & professional development
offering for business and work

At iheart, we are interested in deep, meaningful and lasting change, not short-term solutions and quick-fix techniques.

The iheart Resilience Framework goes to the source of human behaviour, uncovering the real ‘hidden’ problems behind the apparent problems. Our ‘Learn, Apply, Use’ method starts with understanding how the mind works, progresses to applying this learning to specific challenges, and culminates with implementing the practical skills gained.

The result: sustainable improvement in our professional and personal lives. Our unique expertise lies in communicating in-depth, transformative ideas about resilience quickly,
efficiently and impactfully.

We communicate a different kind of resilience – a resilience that endures – helping organisations unleash and maximise the potential of the most important of all resources: their people.

We build the link between healthy, thriving, resilient individuals and healthy, thriving, resilient organisations. As teams learn how to access more wellbeing through our unique Resilience Framework, they are better able to overcome critical business challenges, reduce conflict, minimise stress and work more effectively together.

pink-droplet  Less absenteeism & staff churn
pink-droplet  Less pressure on leaders to address staff wellbeing
pink-droplet  Increased loyalty & retention
pink-droplet  Greater productivity with less stress & anxiety
pink-droplet  Better teamwork & collaboration
pink-droplet  Complements inclusion & diversity policies
pink-droplet  Enhances change & transformation initiatives
pink-droplet  More resilience & ability to handle setbacks
pink-droplet  More clarity leading to better decision-making
pink-droplet  More motivation & job satisfaction
pink-droplet  Better understanding of subconscious belief & bias
pink-droplet  Better able to navigate conflict & disagreement
pink-droplet  Greater confidence to manage difficult conversations
pink-droplet  Greater ability to deal with stress, pressure & change

Course Length
8-hour/8-session course

Flexible Scheduling
Can be 1 full day, 2 half days,
3x3hr or 4x2hr blocks

Delivery Options
In-person, live online, or both

Blended Format
Mix of multimedia clips,
learning slides, interactive
discussions and reflective
questions & exercises

Participant Numbers
Each group course
accommodates between
8-20 people.

Session 1 – A new way of understanding resilience
Session 2 – Attachments and what that means for wellbeing
Session 3 – Why we think, feel and behave the way we do
Session 4 – Navigating the minefield of relationships

Session 5 – Cracking the code of stress, overwhelm and burnout
Session 6 – Resolving hurt, anger and conflict
Session 7 – How labels limit self-confidence and damage rapport
Session 8 – The root cause of bad habits and coping mechanisms

Also included

Practical exercises and materials to facilitate ongoing learning
Access to extensive resources via our online learning portal

Resilient Organisations Accelerator

We offer a multi-layered approach to accelerate and deepen impact across organisations. This includes consultation to meet the specific needs of organisations, along with one-to-one coaching sessions and additional programmes to support individuals and their families. This accelerator applies at all levels and across multiple stages, from recruitment and onboarding to change and transformation initiatives.

Leadership consultation
Identify and address critical perceived
‘problem’ areas in your organisation

Follow-up group workshops
Monthly or quarterly course refreshers
with your lead trainer

One-to-one resilience coaching
Individual deep dive sessions with a senior
iheart trainer for selected participants

ignite™ Resilience & Wellbeing
Our transformative digital programme
for children aged 9-13

Creating a Resilient Family
A guided and practical pre-recorded online
course for parents with children of any age

iheart Online Portal
Ongoing access to additional iheart courses,
content and podcasts as they become available

I thought the programme was wonderful and was absorbed by the concept of innate wellbeing as a core principle and its logical approach…I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to others.

Senior Manager at
Newton Investment Management

We believe iheart’s message has the power to provide hope … the course created a space to be introspective and for our team to question the fundamentals about their mental wellbeing.

Senior manager at
Vitality Health

Fantastic course, trainer and concept. I’m fully bought in!

Participant from
Newton Investment Management

I found the course to be incredibly valuable. It came at such a perfect time for me too.

Participant from
Vitality Health

What I have learned has made me more confident; I’m much clearer and feel more positive, authentic and calmer. I also catch stress a lot faster and I see there’s no point in stressing.

Paul Lynch,
International Sales Manager

Our clients include FTSE 100 companies, SMEs, NGOs and educational institutions. Here are some of the organisations that have benefitted from our Resilience Framework.

Contact us to craft the most optimal
offering for your organisation.
Contact us to craft the most optimal offering for your organisation.