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Let’s Hear from School Leaders

At our Annual iheart Conference in March 2021, we spoke with some of our school leaders who shared their experience with the iheart programme.

I can say, hand on heart, when we were first introduced to the biggest reason why it resonated with us as a school was that it was accessible to everybody. You didn’t have to be incredibly intelligent. You didn’t even have to have English as your first language. This program was accessible to every single student.”

Rani Chahal, Headteacher, Bromley Beacon Academy

It’s really embedded confidence within these students to embrace and to challenge the mental health stigma. And upon return to school, six months after lockdown in September 2020, it was very clear as a team leader that these students had a renewed sense of optimism, but also resilience when they came back to us, the significance of this was hugely unparalleled.”

James Franklin-Smith, CEO Oak Learning Partnership

“Our pupils need to be able to cope with disappointment in life. The idea that children already have within them, the ability to deal with life is a liberating concept and I am incredibly impressed and proud to be working in partnership with iheart.

Samson Olusanya, Headteacher, CCF

“We shouldn’t be scared to be respectfully disruptive. More than anything we need to resist tick boxes and build a culture through P.E. – Purpose and Empowerment.”

James Greenwood, Headteacher, Manor Leas Junior Academy