Training and Programmes for Teachers and Educational Leaders

Train your teachers to deliver an innovative preventative resilience programme

Option 1 – School Offsite Programme

This training course offers:

  • Flexible online learning modules to be accessed by teachers
    out of school hours in the spring term
  • Summer term offsite training that does not disrupt teaching
    in run-up to public examinations
  • The opportunity for one or more colleagues from your school to be
    trained to deliver the IHEART Schools Resilience Programme

Spring term: Flexible home learning via internet resources

Module 1: Introduction to the IHEART Principles

  • One-to-one online orientation session with IHEART mentor
  • 5-part online Foundation course – to be watched in self-directed time

Module 2: Further exploration of the IHEART Principles as a Paradigm

  • 3 x one-to-one online in-depth sessions with IHEART mentor


Summer Term: Offsite group training

Module 3: The IHEART Curriculum – Part 1

  • 3-day INSET training course

Module 4: The IHEART Curriculum – Part 2

  • 3-day INSET training course
  • Final one-to-one session with IHEART mentor

Both Module 3 and 4 will offer:

  • In-depth exploration of relevant curriculum sessions
    plus practicalities of classroom delivery
  • Hands-on practice in curriculum delivery through
    teaching to peers/the IHEART faculty, followed by
    debriefing and feedback


Option 2 – Bespoke Twilights & In-School Delivery

This training course offers:

  • The opportunity for your students to be taught by certified
    IHEART facilitators and for staff to observe this as part of their training
  • The opportunity for 6 or more colleagues from your school and/or a group of schools to be trained to deliver the IHEART School Resilience Programme

Module 1: Introduction to the IHEART Principles

  • INSET day – overview of the philosophy and orientation of the course
  • One-to-one online session with an IHEART mentor

Module 2: The IHEART Curriculum in Action

  • Staff observe delivery to students by IHEART facilitators of the
    entire 11-session programme.
  • On same day, over the course of 11 twilight sessions, staff debrief,
    prepare for the following session and engage in further learning
    to master curriculum understanding and delivery
  • One-to-one online session with an IHEART mentor

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“I would recommend this course as it gives a greater understanding as to why we behave the way we do and how to better support ourselves and our students.”

D McCrobie Harris Beckenham

“I feel mentally stronger … the programme is wonderful.”

N Gayle Thomas Moore Catholic School

“The course improved my own understanding of thoughts and how powerful it can be – if only everyone knew this.”

E Mc Dermitt Langley Girls

“A great curriculum … loved the 2 days and the ideas”

L Wright Harris Academy

“This course is thorough and pitched very well to change, inform and improve people’s lives.”

K Sexton Hayes School

“This course is taught very well with clarity. It is life changing stuff”

H Dehal Langley Girls

“I would recommend this course for teacher to be aware of their own resilience and it will also allow them to be better problem solvers and help with conflict resolution.”

E Snell Langley Boys

“This course encourages teachers to look within and see how their own thinking can impact on their experience. “

A Hart Chislehurst School for Girls

“A great course with a well resourced and structured curriculum … all humans should learn this.”

Z Golding The Glebe

“Have already recommended it to fellow teachers as this will change the way they approach issues.”

B Saga Riddlesdown College

“Good resources, excellent way of thinking – I totally love it. Everyone should do it! It would benefit all teachers and students too.”

L Bicknell

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