Top 5 benefits of being an iheart facilitator

by Eve Goldman

Want the inside scoop?

Meet Thomas Brosnan, a mental health professional with over twenty years experience as a Teacher, Addiction Specialist and Psychotherapist and, more recently, an iheart facilitator. Thomas completed his training in 2019 and is currently delivering the iheart Curriculum to Year 8 at Christ’s College Finchley and Shaftesbury High School in Harrow. He’s also piloting the Resilience Tutoring Programme to a handful of 14-16 year olds. In between an active schedule of running his own private practice in Harley Street and delivering iheart, Thomas gratefully took the time to speak with us about why he finds being an iheart facilitator so special.

When we asked him to give us five benefits that he has personally experienced since becoming a facilitator, he said he could have easily listed a hundred!

1. iheart enhanced my life 

“When I think of the benefits of becoming an iheart facilitator, the first thing that comes to mind is how the programme has significantly enhanced my life by highlighting the truth that I have everything I need inside me to thrive. “


2. Improvement in my personal relationships

“I am currently the best version of myself that I can be as I am no longer outsourcing but ‘insourcing’. This is due to the fact that a transformational shift has occurred in my thinking and the way in which I now experience the world. As a result of now being able to ‘insource’, it is fair to say that the relationships I have in all areas of my life have naturally improved as well.”


3. Continuous professional development

“For me, the weekly learning hour always poses a topic of great debate which elicits a more conscious and resilient way of thinking. This led to a number of insights that have supported my growth. An example of which would be around attachments and the notion that we don’t want to lose what we can’t have forever.”


4. Connection with like-minded people

“The opportunity to collaborate thoughtfully with like-minded people each week is savoured and the level of expertise and understanding in the network is immeasurable too.  I really do benefit from an exchanging of ideas, a sharing of best practice/experiences and the space to be respectfully challenged.”


5. Giving back

“One of the most important things I can do in life is to ‘give back’ by teaching what I know. For me, this is how a life is created. Therefore, to be in a position to facilitate change in a person’s thinking which ultimately creates a transformational shift in their attitude and the way they can now see the world is a truly humbling experience.”


“I would also add that for anyone considering undertaking the training, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It is without a doubt, one of the best courses I have ever participated in.”


Thanks Thomas!

If you would like to experience these life-changing benefits, please book a zoom call with a member of our team to explore iheart’s facilitator training further.

What’s more, once you have completed the facilitator training, there are plenty of opportunities for continuous development such as weekly learning hours and iQual. iQual is the quality assurance and professional development programme designed to ensure that the gold standard of all iheart programmes are delivered in alignment with our value of Commitment to Excellence.

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