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Accredited Training for Teachers, Leaders & Staff

Accredited Training for Teachers, Leaders & Staff

About the Courses

What if teachers and staff looked at all of their pupils, and each other, through a lens of built-in resilience?

iheart’s whole-school wellbeing strategy encompasses young people, teachers, staff, school leaders and parents to embed a consistent understanding and language of mental health across the entire educational environment. First, we introduce staff to iheart’s unique approach and support the strengthening of their own resilience and wellbeing. We then offer training for select members of staff to deliver the iheart programme to their own students, ensuring long-term sustainability of the iheart Resilience Framework within the school.

Level 1: Wellbeing Course for Educators/Teachers

This introductory course supports all those within a school who work with young people and is suitable for teachers, senior leaders, administrative staff and teaching assistants. Participants learn to uncover their own innate capacity for wellbeing and resilience so that they are being better prepared to manage stress, time pressures and challenging circumstances within the educational profession. Upon completion, a common language emerges for navigating issues and discussing mental wellbeing whether on the playground, in the classroom and in the staff room.

The course can accommodate a maximum of 30 participants per group, and takes place across 8-weeks consisting of 12 learning hours spread over 90-minute twilight sessions.

Knowledge & Skills Gained

pink-droplet    Navigate personal and professional challenges with more confidence
pink-droplet    Manage feelings of stress and overwhelm
pink-droplet    Handle difficult conversations with pupils, colleagues and others
pink-droplet    Recover more quickly from setbacks and disappointments
pink-droplet    Access more peace of mind and clarity at work and at home
Access personal resilience in the face of deadlines and teacher workload

Level 2: Training Course to deliver iheart

This in-depth training is for selected teachers, school leaders and staff members who have completed the Level 1 course and now wish to train to deliver the iheart Wellbeing & Resilience Curriculum to their own students. Upon completion, participants receive iheart Facilitator Certification and ongoing  access to the comprehensive iheart Resource Portal enabling Curriculum delivery and including all slides, videos, support tutorials and CPD opportunities.

When run as a bespoke course for one school, it requires a minimum of six participants per group. Alternatively, it can be offered across several schools as part of multi academy trust or a local partnership. The course takes place across ten session consisting of 20 learning hours spread over either weekly twilights, half-day sessions or inset days. 

“The resources are fantastic and I am excited about teaching them. I also feel mentally stronger myself after the training.”

Nikki, Teacher, Thomas More Catholic School

“Excellent content. Really enlightening course very enthusiastically led by subject knowledge experts.”

Ellen, Teacher, Langley Park School

“The iheart Curriculum is ready made, it’s focused, it’s fantastic – I can take it straight into the classroom and deliver a cutting edge resilience programme. ”

Robyn Mcfarlane, Teacher

“I could see how the philosophy of iheart could help the children going forward, the learning also really resonated with me as an adult and I wanted to take it further.”

Paul Hewitt, Assistant Headteacher, Elmgrove Primary School

The iheart Facilitator Training course is accredited by
the matrix Standard, which is the Department for Education’s (DfE)
international quality standard and framework for
information, guidance and advice.

Topics Covered

pink-droplet   The true source of stress, anxiety and other feelings

pink-droplet   The relationship between feelings and thoughts

pink-droplet   Pressure and deadlines

pink-droplet   Dealing with the challenging behaviour of pupils and others

pink-droplet   Managing our own behaviour

pink-droplet   Responding vs reacting

pink-droplet   Listening and communication

pink-droplet   Relationships with colleagues, pupils, parents and guardians

“The best decision we made was for our teachers to be trained in iheart.”

Rani Chanal, Assistant Head Behavioural Specialist, Bromley Beacon Academy

Bring the iheart curriculum to your pupils

9-12 Programme

An early intervention addressing the root causes of poor mental health and emotional issues, this preventative programme helps young people to uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing so that they can face future challenges and school transitions with confidence. 11 interactive one-hour classroom sessions delivered by an accredited iheart facilitator or a trained, iheart-certified member of staff.

13-18 Programme

In-depth support for students to navigate their very real day-to-day challenges, focusing on critical topics such as self-esteem, exam stress, anxiety, relationships and social media. 11 one-hour classroom sessions delivered by an accredited iheart facilitator or a trained, iheart-certified member of staff.

ignite: innate resilience and wellbeing 1.0

This highly engaging, short-course series narrated by youth hosts walks students through the fundamentals of the iheart Resilience Framework. Comprised of six 20-minute episodes designed for the tutoring or home room hour, this fully digital programme inspires young peoples’ curiosity to explore their innate mental wellbeing and resilience.

What if every young person had a resilience instruction manual
that could help them create a better, brighter future?