Job Description

Youth Wellbeing Influencer and Project Coordinator (Internship) Job Specification

Job Type: Full-time, 12-month internship (in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation).

Reporting to: iheart Operations Manager Salary: £23,302.50

About iheart

iheart is an innovative and dynamic charity that is tackling the youth mental health crisis by helping CYP (children and young people) to uncover their innate wellbeing and resilience.

Through the delivery of iheart’s highly impactful wellbeing and resilience educational programmes, our fast-growing charity has helped over 20,000 CYP to better understand their mental health and to navigate emotional challenges with confidence.


The role of Youth Wellbeing Influencer and Project Coordinator (Internship) is a paid role, and presents an exciting opportunity for a passionate individual who shares our charity’s vision of a healthy and thriving future for all CYP.

The purpose of the role is to positively influence the emotional wellbeing of CYP both directly and indirectly via two core activities:

1. Engage directly with CYP in London to deliver a range of wellbeing related activities.

2. Provide project coordination across iheart’s London-funded projects to support the effective and impactful delivery of iheart programmes.

Key Tasks

pink-droplet     Commit to and successfully complete the iheart Facilitators Training Course pink-droplet    Engage in additional training and study to acquire a deep understanding of the iheart Framework and iheart’s full portfolio of educational programmes pink-droplet    Upon completion of the iheart Facilitators Training, co-deliver The iheart Curriculum in classrooms, alongside experienced iheart Facilitators pink-droplet    Work closely with the educational team to prepare content for youth wellbeing workshops and taster sessions, based on the iheart Framework pink-droplet    Positively influence the emotional wellbeing and resilience of CYP by delivering small and large group activities including workshops, taster sessions, focus groups, group discussions and presentations pink-droplet     Externally identify and initiate opportunities that facilitate CYP’s involvement in the continuous development of iheart’s activities pink-droplet    Internally influence the activities of the charity to ensure that they are driven by the needs and lived experiences of CYP pink-droplet    Lead on the timely mobilisation of newly funded (London-based) projects pink-droplet    Effectively engage with schools/youth institutions and the iheart educational team to coordinate the smooth and effective delivery of projects and iheart programmes pink-droplet    Coordinate internal and external data collection to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of iheart London-based projects.

About you

pink-droplet    Relevant lived experience of the current pressures impacting CYP’s mental health including the impact of social media, bullying, academic pressures, peer and family relationships and the cost-of-living crisis

pink-droplet    An active knowledge of the trending themes and youth narratives surrounding young people’s mental health

pink-droplet    An active knowledge of the current social media platforms and content that CYP watch and engage with

pink-droplet    A strong desire to support the social, emotional and mental health of children and young people through fun, engaging and impactful activities

pink-droplet    An enjoyment of public/group speaking and a strong desire to develop presentation and group facilitation skills to engage with groups of CY

pink-droplet    Strong organisational skills and ability to navigate systems, processes and schedules to coordinate youth project activities and relevant data collection

pink-droplet    Transferable skills relevant to record-keeping and meeting deadline

pink-droplet  Strong communication skills and ability to engage with multiple stakeholders including children, parents and teachers

pink-droplet  A willingness to learn, take on new challenges and have fun.

The Youth Wellbeing Influencer and Project Coordinator (Internship) role is a twelve-month paid Internship to begin during March 2023, supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation. You must be ready take up the post by 27 March 2023.

As part of this role, you will be part of the Jack Petchey Internship Programme with 30 other interns from different youth organisations in London and Essex. This development programme will involve you attending a launch conference, four professional development workshops through the year and a celebration event at the end of the programme. You will receive an extra training bursary of £1,000 for approved training. You will also be matched with a mentor from another organisation to support you in your professional development. The Jack Petchey Internship Programme training and events will take place in person in London and you will be expected to take full part in this programme alongside your role at iheart Principles Limited. You can read more about the Jack Petchy Foundation Internship programme here: